As a company, Prigem Concepts Limited RC:1185788 Incorporated in 2014 exists as a cross-over service rendering outfit, We keep all our practices in accordance with Environmental best practices. Providing top-notch technical services as well as host Events, and Conferences. We envisioned a world where our activities do not endanger the environment in any way but instead aid its sustainability. An environmentally sustainable initiative where knowledge and action meet at the pinnacle to ensure that development is visible to all and Resilience is ascertained.


We aim mainly at making Green Energy available as a resource not as a luxury, in effect doing AAour part in helping tackle Global warming. Through Hands-on experiential practices, Capacity building, Awareness, and sensitization and Advocacy since the continent and Nigeria have not reached the optimum Energy generation. With per Capita Energy consumption across Africa still lies at 52KwH/Capita and 613kWh per annum abysmally low right? We will stop at nothing in ensuring that the needed efforts be put-in to address this power quagmire using the green Sources by all the necessary bodies(stakeholders) as the Environment is what has always united the rich and the poor uniformly.


Reducing the adverse effect of indiscriminate waste disposal and management inadequacies. Reducing climatic energy as well as emphasizing the need to shift our economic activities to something that allows us to conserve environmental resources necessary for the social development and to ensure economic growth at the same time.

We believe so much in that waste improvement and repackaging can bring in significant benefits to the nations across the Globe in terms of FDI(Foreign Direct Investment). everyone loves to live or visit places with sane environmental features and we have to strive collectively to make this a reality for Nigeria. Lowered cases of Respiratory disorders, Cancer, COPD and by extension reduced mortality. The purpose of the drive and this initiative is to see a people/world where knowledge is spread on the importance of the environment and how to care about it as a life support system.

  • People
  • Planet
  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Partnership

the seamless connection between the aforementioned is what is termed THE 2030AGENDA that we champion through advocacy, enlightenment and sensitization and several outreach principles. This is to bring about development in an atmosphere of peace.

Linking development with impact assessment : https://t.co/I3qcGMhwhT



To protect the Environment, be a leader in the Environmental protection fight, Agricultural Extension, and REDD+ field, bring the best of skill sets and Effectiveness never seen before. Make waste into a resource by reduction at source, reuse and recovery of energy from same. Clean Green Renewable energy providers from waste using Anaerobic digestion and/or Pyrolysis. Reduction of impacts from our activities (Health, Biotic, Air) Environmental impacts by the creation of awareness and steadfast advocacy.


To reduce Environmental degradation (Anthropogenically induced), Deforestation, Drought, Coastal erosion/flooding, Wildfire among others considerably and bring about food security by giving the best farming practices using the best seedlings most suited to the tropical Rainforest /Sahel Savannah (drought resistant). Also, to bring development to the least deprived by providing educational succor in the face of the daunting plight of deprivation. Bring about practices that are capable of preserving and conserving Energy, Water, and Land. Air pollution tackling is the most important on our agenda in compliance with Agenda2063 of the AU, SDGs2030 of the UN, High 5s of the AfDB

Mission statement: Our effective and efficient practices and premium service delivery to bring about a better living condition for Africans, meeting global goals as well as eradicating Environmental poverty, where we strive to keep a balanced Eco-system. Zero waste to the landfills and give priority attention to Green Energy as a premium for a better society while also, making sure other activities of ours are aimed at actualizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

However, to excel as a reliable Environmental protection organization, and a dependable development partner in the selected areas of expertise providing a top of the range expedient service expertise. Proving that a Nigerian Company can favorably compete with our foreign counterparts in the delivery of Environmental engineering both to private and the public sectors. Putting our quality assurances ahead of the planned gains in our aim to meeting the target in service provision.

We enjoy the support of the under listed companies and more, we are poised to making business operations progressively sustainable. To this end, we believe in the cohesion of habitation when all is served equally without recourse to sex, race, age, and class in all the achievable goals, ensuring peace and prosperity.

Within this 5 cardinal areas for a far-reaching effect on social engineering

  • Health
  • Education
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Economy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Gender Equality




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